14 January 2011

Could tour pants be the next big thing?

Ok, so this is starting small in the extreme, but today we look at whether the traditional band tour t-shirt is in line to be replaced with the band tour trunks! A relatively unheard of Scottish band had the novel idea to add branded hot pants to their merchandise list, and unwittingly it seems hit on a best seller. Their ‘Torridon’ branded pant has sold out at every venue, and amazingly as many lads are purchasing these natty shorts as women, which was the aim of the undies - yes lads they are girls pants!

However, could this strange concept be the next big thing? After all we know that the younger generation love nothing more than wearing their designer mens underwear showing above the waistband of the low slung jeans, so perhaps one of our hot designers should take the hint and hit the tour circuit before the competition get up and running. Take Calvin Klein for example, perhaps they could approach a mega band, like Take That and ask them to do a spot of CK modelling, after all Robbie, Mark, Gary, Howard and Jason clad only in their boxers would definitely spark interest. Once they have them in the classic white Calvin Klein Underwear or perhaps in a pair from the new CK One range, they could then design some CK meets TT tour inspired trunks to go on sale at venues and of course the wonderful world wide web.

You never know this could be the future of band merchandising with people collecting years worth of tour trunks and selling them in the future to make a massive profit! We also can't help but wonder if it will inspire a ‘Superman’ trend of pants on the outside at gig venues up and down the country...hummmm would you?

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