28 January 2011

Luis and Juke mens underwear get it right...

This time of year can seem very dark and oppressive, the slow crawl to spring seems to take forever. We are always trying to brighten the mood and our latest discovery certainly does just that...

Luis and Juke happen to be one of the seriously bright young things in the world of designer mens underwear, and their designs are dazzling, shinning and completely gorgeous.

One of our long term pals, online underwear retailers Jacksies have just had a massive shipment of the newest spring designs and we are seriously impressed! The first words that sprung into our heads were: bold, brash and brilliant! Two in particular that caught our eye, although we have to say we are bowled over by the whole collection, have a definite yellow vibe that we just adore.

On show today we have Tinkling the Ivories - Lazy Lime...
These stunning trunks based in yellow feature rather abstract (but hey that’s a Luis and Juke trademark!) piano keyboard patterns, you have to stare at if for a while to see it, but we figure that’s part of the appeal! The pianos are purple and pink making these some seriously shocking undies that we know will brighten any day. If you are not a piano man (wasn’t that a song?) perhaps you are a vinyl man, and would therefore prefer the Breaking Records - Lazy Lime trunks, which this time feature a myriad of acidic colours forming the abstract pattern, this time of the classic record, or vinyl for those in the know. Yellow is again one of the main features but we also see pink, blue and white. Choose these boxer shorts or any of the others in the range and be confident that you can banish those winter blues and replace them with acidic rainbows of colour and style!

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