06 January 2011

Most definitely tennis!

Now it has to be said we all love it when a new hunk comes to model for one of the top designer men’s underwear houses. It truly does brighten the day to browse not only gorgeous boxers and fabulous trunks but to ogle a bit of eye candy at the same time! The breaking news this week revealed that the one, the only, the scrumptiously divine Rafael Nadal has signed a contract with the lovely people at Armani and will soon be spread full length over billboards and magazine pages a plenty - yummy!

Now you can’t say Armani don’t do their best to keep you the viewing public titillated and captivated, after the likes of Beckham and Ronaldo. Of course it also has to be said that Armani have some fantastic underwear choices and really combine the principles of perfect design and total quality seamlessly to provide timeless classics that we all simply adore.

If you are wondering where you can bag some of these sexy undies, then fear not, we wouldn’t be much of a designer mens underwear expert if we couldn’t guide you to the right place! So, just to prove that we are the best (of the best, of the best Sir!) we can tell you that one of the places is Banglads, and helpfully if you look to the right we have provided a direct hot link straight over to them! Their selection is comprehensive and features undies and vests, and we know they are a great bunch of lads (and lasses) and you will be more than happy with your purchases. Whilst you are shopping though, do remember to start picturing the gorgeous Raf in nothing more than his undies, it wont be long before you can see it for yourself, we have to say Game, Set and Match to Armani.

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