07 February 2011

Lucky pants?

Ok - now we cannot promise it will work for you, but it is so simple it has to be worth a try. Every week millions of people play the lottery, all with the hope that life changing money will come their way. Some clutch printed tickets and stare intently at the screen as the numbers pop out, some have a more laid back approach and use the website hours after the event just to confirm what they already knew - today was not their day.

The real question for today is where do you keep your ticket until the time you choose to check it?

For one woman in New Zealand this week, the answer was simple. She tucked her lucky ticket into her husbands pants drawer. At this stage she didn’t know the fate of her numbers, but figured that should they hold the winning numbers this was the safest place to store the slip of paper. She had strange logic, apparently it was her belief that should a burglar break in, the last place he might go is a mans undies drawer! She didn’t pop the ticket in her own underwear drawer as this, she believed was somewhere a thief might go!

Now logical or not, it has to be worth a try as, yes you guessed, she had the winning ticket and scooped the lotto jackpot! So next time you buy a ticket pop it in with your designer mens underwear for safe keeping until the numbers are drawn. Just remember to hide it well, or make the owner of the drawer (if it isn’t you) aware of your hidden booty, or they may end up wearing more than they bargained for to work the next day...

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