28 April 2011

In the Style of Alexander McQueen...

April was the month that hosted one of the world’s major designer clothing shows - Singapore Fashion Week 2011. Lots of top menswear designers flaunted their latest collections but one designer stood out in particular when it came to men’s underwear.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Alexander McQueen stole the show when it came to designer underwear. Opting to move away from the traditional male models sauntering down the catwalk in designer boxer shorts and men’s briefs, McQueen instead opted to make a real show out of this latest underwear collection. Obviously male models clad in designer boxer shorts were still a vital part of the show but the top hats they wore and the walking canes they twirled really bought an unexpected dimension to the show, not to mention the pulled up ankle socks and smart shoes! The boxer shorts themselves were a lot less striking as the main colour seemed to be grey. However a pair of red boxer shorts featuring stark white polka dots were spotted along with a pair of pale pink briefs.

Alexander McQueen wasn’t the only designer to cause raised eyebrows at the show though. Renowned for their funky and retro designs, 2xist combined vibrant colours with wacky superhero antics, complete with 80s style sweat bands! In keeping with their theatrics, the boxer shorts and men’s briefs were equally as extravagant with vivid blues being teamed with striking yellows, whilst burnt oranges were combined with deep purples.

Finally Spanish underwear brand Punto Blanco also had people commenting under their breaths as they combined sleek, clean, crisp underwear designs with leather jackets, military boots and fairy lights of all things. It really does show that anything goes in the underwear arena this season.

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