22 April 2011

Pink Pants

Canadian pop star Justin Beiber was recently spotted flashing his pink underwear at the cameras. Now it takes a very secure seventeen year old to firstly wear such a non-masculine colour, and secondly to let them be seen in public – even if it was purely accidental. But we believe that this simple flash of colour by Bieber will lead to a whole generation of youngsters wearing pink pants. With that in mind, we’ve taken a look at which designer men’s underwear brands have included pink within their collections.

We didn’t have to look far. Firstly, Bjorn Borg is well known for their funky boxer shorts and men’s briefs. Within their collection, pink is featured heavily. Their black boxer shorts feature a bright pink waistband with purple branding to give an otherwise non-descript pair of shorts a modern edgy feel. The Raspberry Rose Bjorn Borg boxer shorts are predominantly pink and feature black animal print for a wild look.

Oiler and Boiler are a designer boxer short brand who are also not shy of using vibrant pink. They have a completely fuschia pair of shorts for those looking for full on colour. Otherwise one of their ‘deckchair’ inspired designs feature bold fuschia strips.

Retro themed brand Luis and Juke have a funky pair of boxer shorts which features a bright pink background in the Pink Baubles pair. They too have a completely pink pair of boxer shorts, as well as a black pair featuring a neon pink waistband for those looking for just a flash of colour.

Finally well known designer mens underwear brand Calvin Klein, have a great deal of pink throughout their collections. Whether you’re looking for just a splash of pink on a waistband and trim or a full-colour look, they’re collection really embraces pink.

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