08 April 2011

When it comes to men’s underwear, Trim is In

Many designer underwear brands have just launched their spring/summer collections and it appears that trim is in for the men’s underwear market. For those not in the know, trim is simply underwear detailing and can incorporate waistbands and piping detail. The colours range from contemporary black and white trims to more vibrant shades with in-trend colours including pinks, greens and bright blues.

Calvin Klein underwear is a pioneer brand in the trim stakes this season. Their more contemporary styled boxer shorts are featuring lime green waistbands whilst vibrant pink underwear features azure blue piping for added intensity – just take a look at the CK One underwear collection. D&G also have trim as a main theme within their spring collection. Waist bands feature strips in bold blues whilst trim detailing ranges from contemporary black trim on white boxer shorts to more colourful shades picking up the vivid spring colours.

Designer underwear brand Diesel incorporate trim into their latest designs; however they have opted for a more subtle white trim on vibrant background shades such as neon pink and feisty green.

Emporio Armani add their weight behind the trim trend with thick waistbands complementing trim colourings in shades such as bright pink whilst their infamous black boxer shorts still feature stark white waistbands and matching piping detail for a classical look.

Designer men’s underwear brand, 2(x)ist underwear, have added a contrast black trim to their classic white boxers creating a very sophisticated look.

And, it’s not just the big designer labels going with the trim trend. The young, organic underwear brand Babygod has also used flashes of coloured trim in their designs to add a bold statement to their briefs. They have opted to use 2 vivid colours, orange and aquamarine, which are spring-fresh colours but offer an alternative to the brighter shades being used by the other designer underwear brands.

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