27 May 2011

In the Nude

Being avid followers of fashion, we have identified a new trend in the fashion arena this week and it’s all about colour, or rather the lack of it. Within a number of recent catwalk shows, neutral colours have been seen - these range from soft tans to barely there nudes, pale peaches to biscuit shades. These neutral shades flow through from outwear to underwear, especially men’s underwear.

It appears there is a distinct shift away from the bolder colours for the time being and instead of wearing striking underwear, more discreet barely there colours are in trend. Although many brands of shapewear underwear including 2(x)ist have had nude as a colour choice for a long time, it is rare to see such a colour in other lines of men’s underwear such as boxer shorts, trunks or briefs. But when one designer underwear brand hits on a new colour on the catwalks, the other brands are usually not far behind.

Underwear designers who incorporate nude into their market offering include Gregg Homme with his Nude Scene Briefs which have been specially designed to be worn under tighter dress pants this season. Gary Majdell also incorporates nude briefs within his collection, along with designer underwear brand N2N.

So if you’re in need of discreet, understated designer underwear, invest in a neutral colour – knowing they are ideal for wearing under any outfit, plus they’re in trend too.

14 May 2011

In the Spotlight – James Middleton

During the last couple of weeks the newspapers were full of stories about the Royal Wedding but as the weeks have gone on, the spot light has moved onto Princess Kate’s brother – James Middleton. We’d love to say he’s in the limelight for something he’s done that benefits the greater community but he’s actually in the news, well online news anyway, for his taste in boxer shorts.

It seems that now James Middleton’s achieved celebrity status (obviously not as an A-lister but maybe on the C list?). A number of photos of him sporting just his underwear have been released to the media – for no purpose other than due to both his sisters' current news-worthy status it would appear. So what boxer shorts has he been wearing that has got everyone in the industry talking?

We will refrain from posting the images, but one image showed James Middleton wearing a pair of simple grey boxer shorts with a black and white striped waistband, and another image of James Middleton which has been released shows him sporting a pair of elaborate spotted burgundy boxer shorts. A complete contrast to the first pair, this second pair are much more quirky in style and add a little fun to Middleton’s underwear drawer.

We cannot ascertain the chosen brand of men’s underwear that James has opted for, but we're sure he could find better styles and designs from the website retailers that can be found on our blog.

09 May 2011

Avoiding Troublesome Mens Underwear

In a recent interview with movie hunk Robert Pattinson, he admitted that whilst filming the fight scenes in Breaking Dawn, part of the Twilight Saga, his bottom kept ‘hanging out’ of his boxer shorts. Although Pattinson blames his long back as the cause, as underwear guru’s we think it’s more likely to be ill-fitting men’s underwear.

Whether you’re filming a Hollywood fight scene or just going to the pub, there’s nothing more annoying than constantly having to rearrange your underwear. With that in mind, here are some handy hints when looking for men’s underwear that fits:

Firstly, check the size. Now this might sound very simple but as with many other fashion items, different designer underwear brands have slightly different sizing. Always check the label of the boxers or briefs to check that the size is correct for your body. Most underwear brands focus on small, medium and large sizing but some also offer extra small or extra large sizes whilst others opt to use waist sizes to ensure the correct fit.

Secondly, ensure the underwear you are wearing has a tight-fitting waist band. Designer underwear brand Calvin Klein styles feature tight, yet comfortable waist bands. But don’t rely on the waistband of a pair of boxer shorts or briefs remaining tight forever, whatever brand you buy, over time the elastic will wear and loosen so your trusty well-fitting boxers may become bottom saggers. Make sure you update your underwear regularly to avoid this annoyance.

Finally, ensure that you are prepared for underwear mishaps. If you are going to a formal function wearing black tailored trousers for example, try to wear a pair of dark coloured boxer shorts or briefs to ensure your underwear doesn’t stand out. A flash of funky pattern or colour might be amusing when relaxing with friends but at a wedding or important meeting, more contemporary underwear might be the better option.