27 May 2011

In the Nude

Being avid followers of fashion, we have identified a new trend in the fashion arena this week and it’s all about colour, or rather the lack of it. Within a number of recent catwalk shows, neutral colours have been seen - these range from soft tans to barely there nudes, pale peaches to biscuit shades. These neutral shades flow through from outwear to underwear, especially men’s underwear.

It appears there is a distinct shift away from the bolder colours for the time being and instead of wearing striking underwear, more discreet barely there colours are in trend. Although many brands of shapewear underwear including 2(x)ist have had nude as a colour choice for a long time, it is rare to see such a colour in other lines of men’s underwear such as boxer shorts, trunks or briefs. But when one designer underwear brand hits on a new colour on the catwalks, the other brands are usually not far behind.

Underwear designers who incorporate nude into their market offering include Gregg Homme with his Nude Scene Briefs which have been specially designed to be worn under tighter dress pants this season. Gary Majdell also incorporates nude briefs within his collection, along with designer underwear brand N2N.

So if you’re in need of discreet, understated designer underwear, invest in a neutral colour – knowing they are ideal for wearing under any outfit, plus they’re in trend too.

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