14 May 2011

In the Spotlight – James Middleton

During the last couple of weeks the newspapers were full of stories about the Royal Wedding but as the weeks have gone on, the spot light has moved onto Princess Kate’s brother – James Middleton. We’d love to say he’s in the limelight for something he’s done that benefits the greater community but he’s actually in the news, well online news anyway, for his taste in boxer shorts.

It seems that now James Middleton’s achieved celebrity status (obviously not as an A-lister but maybe on the C list?). A number of photos of him sporting just his underwear have been released to the media – for no purpose other than due to both his sisters' current news-worthy status it would appear. So what boxer shorts has he been wearing that has got everyone in the industry talking?

We will refrain from posting the images, but one image showed James Middleton wearing a pair of simple grey boxer shorts with a black and white striped waistband, and another image of James Middleton which has been released shows him sporting a pair of elaborate spotted burgundy boxer shorts. A complete contrast to the first pair, this second pair are much more quirky in style and add a little fun to Middleton’s underwear drawer.

We cannot ascertain the chosen brand of men’s underwear that James has opted for, but we're sure he could find better styles and designs from the website retailers that can be found on our blog.

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