23 June 2011

Announcing the relaunch of Boxers-and-Briefs.net

Boxers-and-Briefs have just finalised the process of redesigning their website including rebranding of their logo.

For the launch of their new site, boxers-and-briefs are offering 20% off all Brands.

The new site has many new functions including a quick finder, to allow customers to find what they are looking for very easily, a zoom function for product images and an account option so that customers can keep track of there current and previous orders.

Boxers-and-Briefs stock all of the following brands: Calvin Klein, D&G, Diesel, Emporio Armani,
Jockey, Hom, Sloggi and Tommy Hilfiger as well as Calvin Klein Boys.

Take advantage of the big discount and visit them now at:

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