14 July 2011

Tartan underwear

Tartan is one of the most iconic symbols of Scotland. Traditionally tartan came about as a way of weaving various coloured fabrics together in a series of different width stripes which create the famous checked pattern we know as tartan. The colours and width of stripes were used to identify clans and become like a ‘coat of arms’ to the Scottish. Worn as long flowing pieces which were wrapped around both men and women, it eventually became worn as a skirt, known as a kilt. Although tartan has been around for centuries, it is often re-born in designer fashion and around five years ago it became popular in the mini skirt area. But much more recently it’s had a very unexpected new lease of life from the men’s underwear market.

Montreal based brand Pump Underwear is renowned for their bright, flashy urban coloured underwear with their own special cuts that help to accentuate the body. Always at the cutting edge of designer underwear, they have now released tartan boxer shorts into their collection. Their aptly named Navy Tartan Boxer Shorts feature, well navy tartan! They have a shaped front pouch for comfort and a low rise waist whilst the contrasting waistband features the Pump logo. As well as navy tartan, Pump also offers charcoal and light grey tartans too.

If you’re looking for something slightly more in keeping with the most commonly seen red tartan, check out the Royal Stewart Tartan Boxers Shorts. These are looser in style and made from 100% cotton.

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, why not take a look at Gregg Homme’s version of tartan underwear. He’s taken the Highland theme and teamed it with a thong to create a mini-kilt. Available in red tartan or green tartan, this thong might not practical but it’s certainly in keeping with the tartan theme.

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