28 September 2011

The Newest Designer Underwear Brand - MIROSLAV

There’s a new kid on the Aussie block when it comes to designer men’s underwear. That new kid is Miro Kubicek, who has recently launched the Australian underwear label MIROSLAV.

Miro Kubicek was born and raised in Czechoslovakia but moved to Australia in 2000 where he started his own hospitality company, specialising in fashion. Miro has been seen at fashion events around the globe this year, including Berlin Fashion Week, Dubai Fashion week and most recently at New Zealand Fashion Week where he was responsible for seating at the shows.

As a fashionista and ex-underwear model, it puts Miro Kubicek in the perfect position for designing his own underwear brand.

There are three pillars to the MIROSLAV brand philosophy when it comes to designer men’s underwear – Quality, Sexiness and Humour. Miro strives for high quality products with all boxer shorts and men’s briefs being made from high quality imported Japanese cotton, manufactured in Australia. The idea behind the underwear designs are to make the wearer feel as sexy as possible while being comfortable and reliable. The humour element comes from the unique way in which MIROSLAV is being marketed; for example, take a look at just one of their video ads using the strap line ‘quality best appreciated up close’– not a conventional way to market underwear by any means.

The boxer shorts and brief designs themselves are very simple with this season’s colours being traditional black, grey and white with contrasting waistbands conveying the MIROSLAV brand and logo.

Following the initial success of the brand, there are plans to continue to expand the men’s underwear range over the coming seasons while also moving into sleepwear. We hope to see MIROSLAV on sale in the UK very soon.

15 September 2011

AsdruMark Supports The Everyman Male Cancer Campaign

Every year in the United Kingdom 39,000 men are affected by testicular or prostate cancer. Over 10,000 of these people die from these forms of cancer every year. The charity Everyman aims to promote awareness of male cancer by helping men recognise the tell-tale signs of these cancers and by raising money for cancer research in the hope of one day finding a cure.

Specialist men’s underwear retail AsdruMark have released a custom-designed limited edition pair of boxer shorts specifically to raise funds for and awareness of Everyman. Poignantly names Unico Everyman Charity Boxer Short Limited Edition, these boxer shorts are classic in their design. Made from 93% cotton, these white boxer shorts are comfortable to wear whilst 7% added Lycra gives these designer boxer shorts much needed stretch and flexibility to move with the body.

They also feature the slogan ‘Everyman – Stamp Out Male Cancer’ on the waistband which is the strapline for the charity. As well as raising awareness for the charity, AsdruMark are also raising much needed funding for the charity by donating £5 to Everyman every time a pair of the boxer shorts are sold on their website – so help the cause by buying online now.

So how will Everyman use the money raised by these limited edition boxer shorts? It’s simple. The money will be used to fund awareness campaigns to encourage men to check for cancer – currently only 28% of men regularly check their testicles and testicular cancer can only be treated and cured if found early enough. Everyman want this figure to continue to rise to eventually be 100%, saving more men. The money raised will also be used to fund essential research into testicular and prostate cancer. As you can imagine, the costs involved in running a lab are enormous – a microscope costs anywhere from £450 to £1,000 and an incubator used to grow cell cultures costs in excess of £4,000. You can also help the cause by making a one off or regular monthly donation to Everyman.

02 September 2011

The Military Look Lives On

The military inspired look has been seen within the fashion industry for the last couple of seasons with both men’s and ladies’ wear being awash with military inspired jackets and boots. But now for autumn/winter 2011, the military theme has made it to men’s designer underwear brands too with camouflage being the main new look.

Amongst the big designer brands who have incorporated camo into their collections is Diesel. The Darius Camo Boxer Trunk features traditional jungle print camo in various shades of green and brown. However the reverse of these boxer shorts are totally different with a prominent orange background and the slogan ‘the rhythm system’. As with all Diesel men’s underwear, the usual branded waistband and fly are included in this design.

Within Diesel’s autumn collection, there is also a more modern approach to the military theme thanks to the Camo Shawn Breddox Boxer Shorts. These come in a quirky red, white and blue camo print for an edgy style. Only available in a two pack selection, these boxer shorts are complemented by a pair of plain blue boxer shorts.

But Diesel aren’t the only designer underwear brand to offer military inspired prints. Emporio Armani have also included camo in their new autumn/winter 2011 collection. The Army Camo Print Briefs from Armani feature a night ops colour scheme in various shades of grey and black and would make a great addition to your underwear drawer. Theses modern briefs are completed with a wide waistband for comfort.

Amongst Emporio Armani’s latest collection are the Blue Camo Print Boxers. These boxer shorts feature a pale blue, white and grey camo which is similar to the arctic camo print used by the UK military. These boxer shorts feature an all over print and also convey the all-important Armani branding.

As more designer brands release their autumn collections, we’re expecting to see further camo designs too.