13 October 2011

Bring Back Manga to Mens Underwear

We were just chatting about when comic geeky-ness met designer underwear and several designer mens underwear brands incorporated Manga into their designs.

Manga simply means ‘comics’ in Japanese but the term is used in the UK to refer specifically to Japanese comics which have an action or adventure genre. Manga comics have a very distinctive style. The storyline tends to incorporate flashbacks, thought bubbles and lots and lots of action lines like speed lines. The background is generally just as important as the characters so many segments of the comic strip are dedicated to images of just the surroundings.

When it comes to the Manga characters themselves, the eyes are exaggerated in size and the shape alters depending on the mood of the character. For example when a character is in love or infatuated, their eyes turn heart shaped. The rest of the facial features are smaller and generally less important in style with simple lines used to depict them. Even if you are not a fan of comics, you are likely to appreciate the style of Manga if you have watched Anime (Japanese cartoons).

Amongst the designer mens underwear retailers who have used Manga styling in their designs are the Australian brand AussieBum. Their Manga designs made a real impact in your underwear drawer.

Frank Dandy’s latest underwear range for women includes Manga designs but they have opted for the more traditional black Manga line drawings on subtle single colour backgrounds. These drawings include the specific Manga faces with speech bubbles and sound effects.

We think that Manga is a more sophisticated approach to underwear than the boxer shorts you can find on the high street sporting mainstream comic characters such as Superman, Spiderman and The Hulk which can also be found on children’s underwear.

We want them back!

#justsaying :)

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