26 October 2011

Diesel Behind The OTB Foundation

Diesel is probably one of the best known worldwide brands when it comes to designer men’s underwear, not to mention men’s fashion and jeans. They are always at the forefront of cutting edge style and Diesel underwear product offering ranges from men’s neon striped boxer shorts to more contemporary styled briefs. But behind the scenes Diesel founder Renzo Rosso pledges his support in the fight against world poverty by creating the Only The Brave Foundation.

Only The Brave Foundation (OTB for short) is a not-for-profit organisation that was created in Italy in 2008 by the leading fashion brands to help alleviate global poverty, in particular the most disadvantaged continent on the planet, Africa.

Africa is one of the only places in the world where poverty has actually increased and spread in the last 20 years. Despite its natural resources, this continent remains poor due to disease, unfair government systems, illiteracy, human rights violations and war. The aim of the OTB is to readdress the balance of power using big brands such as Diesel who hold more sway than governments in some people’s minds.

OTB doesn’t believe in dropping aid parcels to the poor as a short-term solution to poverty. Instead they believe in empowering the people to lift themselves out of poverty with initiatives like The Village. Staff are employed to implement low cost, sustainable, community-led action plans so villages have control over their lives and a long term way of supporting themselves and their families.

So how are Diesel helping exactly you may ask. The answer is simple; this well-established brand has a huge fashion following who will take notice and listen to what this brand is telling them. Diesel have the power to make a high proportion of people aware of the situation in Africa and tell them what is required to help them, not in the short term through food parcels but in the long run by providing sustainable ways of living.

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