14 November 2011

Underpants for Christmas

With less than six weeks to go, we’re surprised that we’ve waited this long to talk to you about Christmas. Underwear as a Christmas gift is nothing new to women with partners buying them frilly pants and dainty nighties while grandmothers and long lost aunts buy them flannelette pyjamas and dressing gowns. But the concept of designer underwear for men at Christmas is a little more modern and people often think it’s simply too difficult a decision to make. In reality though, with so many brands and styles to choose from, you can’t go wrong with designer boxer shorts at Christmas, as long as you know your man’s style:

The Traditionalist
The traditional man likes things that are mainstream and conventional in their styling, plus of course practical. Briefs are usually the perfect style choice for this type of man and it’s better to stick to plain colours and more well-known designer brands. Might we suggest the Calvin Klein 365 2 Pack which is available to buy online from Whites and Smalls. These briefs are more traditional in their styling and as they come in a pack of two, they’re practical too so fit all the criteria. You can choose from either conventional white or classic black.

The Fun Lover
The fun loving man is often light-hearted and doesn’t take life too seriously. The ideal designer men’s underwear for him is therefore something colourful which features a bold pattern. Might we recommend the Guitar Hero – Singing the Blues Boxers Shorts by Luis and Juke. Available to buy from Jacksies Underwear Store, these boxer shorts are certainly bright and incorporate a mix of white, lime green, yellow and blue. The guitar imagery means that these boxer shorts are just as light-hearted as the fun loving male recipient.

The Pretty Guy
The pretty guy likes pretty things, including designer underwear. He will love delicate patterns and subtle colours. We are therefore going to suggest the MANstore M241 Mini Pant in Lace which are available from Dead good Undies. These boxer shorts feature a black and white print pattern that resembles lace – you can’t get much more delicate than that.

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