29 December 2011

Rounding Up Underwear Styles for 2011 – Part 2

In our last blog entry, we decided to round up some key styles in men’s underwear that were seen throughout the year. We looked at pink being the new black in April, a move towards nude shades in May and packaging of men’s underwear being the key in June. In this instalment, we look at what else 2011 had to offer when it came to underwear for men.

July 2011
In July 2011, we saw a modern take on a Scottish theme in the men’s underwear arena. The key trend was tartan. Designer men’s underwear brands launched a range of tartans which followed traditionally famous red toned tartans such as Royal Stewart Tartan Boxer Shorts and more modern styles such as Pump’s Navy Tartan Boxer Shorts which were a more simplistic blue and white tartan print.

In fact Gregg Homme even launched a strange thong come kilt design but the least said about that the better as far we're concerned.

Unfortunately this tartan trend appeared to be one of the fads of the year and although various tartan styles can still be found in a variety of online shops, it isn’t really a trend we suggest you rush out and buy as a gift for a loved one.

August 2011
August was the month where men’s designer underwear met military styling with camouflage being the style of choice. Our personal favourites were Diesel’s Darius Camo Boxer Trunks which used traditional jungle camo featuring green and brown toned prints.

However, famous brand Emporio Armani launched a more modern take on an arctic styled camouflage with their Blue Camo Print Boxer Shorts. These featured a white background with grey, black and light blue swirling patterns.

Camo has remained a fashionable print throughout the year in both t-shirts, shirts, shorts and men’s underwear so we’d still recommend investing in this military style even after the New Year has arrived.

15 December 2011

Rounding Up Underwear Styles for 2011 – Part 1

With December well under way and the New Year just around the corner, we thought it was about time to round up the key underwear styles of 2011 to see which trends we embraced and which fads came and went.

April 2011
In April 2011, the designer underwear fashion arena embraced pink as the new black. Although the major designer mens underwear brands already had their sights on hot pinks and bright fuchsia designs it was the sight of international singing celeb Justin Beiber wearing the typically feminine colour that converted shoppers to the new trend.

Amongst the designer men’s underwear brands that held pink close to their hearts were fun brand Luis and Juke with their 1960s Pink Cadillac Boxer Shorts and Bjorn Borg with their Short Shorts For Him Raspberry design.

May 2011
May was the month that saw a move away from bright, bold colours with the introduction of natural or nude shades. Although men’s shapewear brands such as 2(x)ist had included nude shades for a number of years, other designer brands began to launch boxer shorts and men’s briefs in this colour. Amongst them were Gregg Homme with his Nude Scene Briefs. However this trend was one of those fads that came and went with very few other designer underwear brands following suit.

June 2011
It wasn’t a particular underwear style that came about in June but more the way the underwear was presented. June was the month that saw packaging as one of the key trends in men’s underwear, especially when it came to underwear gifts. Henri Lloyd offered boxer shorts such as the Newry range in minimalist boxes that were embellished with the designer brand name. Other designers offered similar selections such as Frank Dandy’s Positive Typo Boxer Gift Set while Calvin Klein even offered boxer shorts packaged in a tin.

Plenty of these trends of men’s boxer shorts are still available to buy online so if one of these trends takes your fancy, there’s still time to buy them.

01 December 2011

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