28 November 2012

A Brief Comeback

If someone were to mention ‘men’s briefs’ to you, you might instantly conjure up images of off-white Y fronts hanging on your grandparent’s washing line, maybe even slightly misshapen and stretched. However mention ‘men’s briefs’ to someone in the fashion industry today and they’ll tell you about them being the latest, cutting edge style for fashion-conscious men everywhere, especially in relation to the designer men’s underwear industry. So what’s happened? Well briefs have made a comeback and are now at the forefront of fashion.

To understand why men’s briefs are back in style, it’s important to understand how they came about in the first place. The traditional briefs started being worn during the war years around the early 1940s. This was firstly because they were cost-effective to make with less material being needed than for long johns or boxer shorts. But the real clue to their comeback is in the second reason they were first introduced, they offered a greater level of support and comfort than the alternatives of the day. It is this support and comfort that has led to their renewed lease of life.

With more men looking to keep fit and stay healthy through exercise, whether at the gym, pounding the pavements or on the sport’s field, the need for support as well as comfort has become important. Thankfully the main designer men’s underwear brands have not compromised on style when it’s come to the new brief designs. Just as boxer shorts and trunks had become a fashionable accessory for men, briefs are too. Brands such as Calvin Klein have released colourful and eye-catching designs which will make just as much of a fashion statement as their trunk counterparts.

To see a few of the latest men’s briefs designs from top designer underwear brand Calvin Klein, visit the Whites and Smalls website where you will be able to see everything from floral designs to boom-box prints and bold colours.

15 August 2012

Men’s Underwear for His Birthday

Whether a man prefers men’s briefs, traditionally styled boxer shorts or a more modern pair of trunks, we think we’ve found the perfect pair of each. Here are our top picks for Birthday Gifts for Him in 2012:

Pick 1 – For the Man Who Loves Briefs

Men’s briefs are extremely popular with a lot of guys, especially with those of the slightly older generation. However, just because they are seen as a little old fashioned, doesn’t mean that you have to opt for a boring pair of white briefs. Instead pick a pair that is more stylish in design such as the Brightlight Blue Briefs from Pump which are available online from Lads Rack.
These men’s briefs feature all the comfort and support of more traditional briefs but come in an eye-catching shade of blue which is fade resistant too. Combined with stark white trim and a matching white waistband, these briefs are far from dull. They are completed with the bold Pump brand name.

Pick 2 – For the Guy Who Loves Boxer Shorts

Loose fitting boxer shorts are a great birthday gift as they are comfortable to wear and stylish. We think we’ve found the perfect pair in the form of the Jockey Grey and White Boxer Shorts from Underwear Unlimited. These boxer shorts are made from cotton for a breathable finish and feature a grey and white pinstripe effect for a touch of sophisticated styling.

Pick 3 – For the Bloke Who Loves Boxer Trunks

Trunk style boxer shorts are extremely popular at the moment and as such, there are a wide range of styles available from designer men’s underwear brands. Our favourite brand is Calvin Klein and we think the CK One Cotton Stretch Trunk Boxer Shorts in Paisley White from Whites and Smalls are simply perfect. These trunks feature a white background which has been embellished with a black paisley design for a fashionable yet retro look. They are completed with contrasting turquoise piping and waistband detailing to reflect the colour of the season.

Whatever style of designer men’s underwear you choose as a gift for his birthday, he’s sure to love it...

10 July 2012

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Men’s Fashion Week – Paris 2012

Last month was Men’s Fashion Week in Paris where a number of high-end designers and up and coming designers showcased their spring/summer 2013 collections. Within the ready to wear collection was men’s designer underwear from designer Alexis Mabille.
Alexis Mabille’s collection of underwear styles is sold under the Hom label and combines two different genres – ‘ready to wear’ and stylish men’s underwear. Designed for people of any build and body condition, Mabille’s designs have an emphasis on the body. Using design, colour and comfort, his collection of designer men’s underwear has a touch of freshness and heighted sensuality – making it a delight to own or receive as a gift.
For spring/summer 2013, the collection designed by Alexis Mabille for Hom centred around the colours white, grey and black for a modern yet timeless look. Amongst the styles was a pair of eye-catching trunk style boxer shorts which feature a heavy geometric black and white design. These were completed by a black and white striped waistband and prominent branding to convey their designer nature.
Also in the collection which was highlighted on the runway was a pair of briefs which also sported a striking white and black pattern, this time probably inspired by 60s prints. As well as bold designs, there are a few more subtle styles of men’s underwear too. One design ran throughout a number of underwear styles including boxer shorts, trunks and briefs. They featured a light grey background teamed with darker grey panels to the sides which created a diamond effect. This effect is seen on a number of outer garments by other designers for the upcoming 2013 season so ties in nicely with this core theme.
No doubt a number of other designer men’s underwear brands will take note of the black, white and grey colour trend and release pieces in their collection with a similar styling for spring/summer.

29 May 2012

New Eye-Catching Designs From Pikante

Men’s underwear brand Pikante are renowned for their daring cuts and breath-taking styles but they’ve now also launched some underwear for men with heart-stopping designs too – all available from online men’s underwear shop Dead Good Undies.

Pikante’s designs are inspired by South American influences and this season they’ve gone all out to ensure that their men’s underwear designs will get noticed. Here are just a few designs that caught our eye:
Pikante Mike Atomic Brief – these men’s briefs have a traditional cut and fit but have been made from a blend of polyester and viscose to make them cool and comfortable for the summer. We love the hippy tie-dye effect in bright orange, terracotta, vivid purple and lilac – a great way to tie into this season’s must have colour trends.
If you prefer boxer shorts, take a look at the Pikante Disco 45 Boxer Briefs (pictured above). These tight fitting boxer shorts feature a more retro feel with an elaborate pattern incorporating vinyl records and numbers in bold colours such as blue, orange, green, purple and black. The wide waistband ensures a comfortable fit and includes the eye-catching Pikante logo in the centre to convey the designer nature of the boxer shorts.
Or why not take a look at the Pikante Kinky Camouflage Boxer Briefs. With a vibrant camouflage print in bright pink, pastel pink, white and a hint of smoky grey, these boxer shorts will ensure you do everything except blend in. They are finished with a matching smoky grey waistband with subtle Pikante branding.
The final pair of boxer shorts that caught our eye were the Pikante Anaconda Boxer Briefs. These striking pants reflect the wildness of the jungle and feature a golden yellow and brown snake skin pattern. The contrasting white waistband gives these boxer shorts a modern, edgy vibe.

08 May 2012

Mens Underwear That Tells a Story

For centuries people have been adorned with tattoos. Although today this is mainly for cosmetic reasons with people choosing whatever images they like, for many cultures tattoos are part of their history and say something about their heritage. Take the Maori’s of New Zealand for example, their facial tattoos, known as moko, depict their rank in the tribe, their genealogy and even their occupation. In other cultures, tattoos depict their warrior status or even tell a story.

Well now men’s designer underwear can tell a story too thanks to the new Tattoo Ink range by Calvin Klein. New for spring/summer 2012, the range includes a number of different styles of men’s underwear and will make a great addition to any underwear drawer.

A number of boxer shorts from Calvin Klein’s Tattoo Ink collection can be bought online from Banglads.com. Amongst our favourites are the Calvin Klein CK One Tattoo Ink Japanese Koi Trunks. This trunk style pair of boxer shorts has been adorned with a dynamic wave background in a combination of blue and white shades with just a hint of black. In the foreground are abstract koi fish in a bold shade of orange to complete the look.

Also in the Tattoo Ink collection are the Calvin Klein CK One Tattoo Ink Japanese Snake Trunks. These trunks are a little more understated than the previous pair and feature a black background which has been embellished with a blue and orange toned snake motif wrapped around the back. They are completed by a matching orange waistband featuring the iconic Calvin Klein underwear motif.

The final pair of boxer shorts in the collection at Banglads are the Calvin Klein CK One Tattoo Ink Japanese Retro Trunks. These feature a combination of popular tattoo images such as a key, feather, three dimensional diamond and star, along with Calvin Klein branding.

All the designs for the Calvin Klein Tattoo Ink collection have been done by tattoo artist Alex McWatt.

13 April 2012

Diesel Launches DC Comics Underwear

Designer men’s underwear brand Diesel was originally launched as a men’s clothing brand who were renowned for their denim jeans. However today they are highly regarded in the men’s underwear arena as producers of high quality boxer shorts and men’s briefs. Words often associated with their designs include ‘independent’, ‘strong’, ‘daring’ and ‘playful’.

The latest additions to their men’s underwear styles can be classed as all four of the above as they have teamed up with DC Comics to produce a line of men’s boxer shorts featuring iconic characters from the famous comic series. A selection of these are available to buy online from swimwear, underwear and clothing retailer Banglads.

One of our favourite pairs of boxer shorts from the Diesel DC Comics range features the Joker villain from the Batman comics. These trunk style boxer shorts are made from a blend of cotton and elastane to ensure a comfortable fit which allows the body to breathe. They feature a distressed acid photoprint of the Joker for a dramatic effect whilst the waistband features bold Diesel branding.

Not a joker fan? Then how about the Green Lantern who was originally featured in the Spiderman comics? These eye-catching trunk style boxer shorts are bright green and have a special print applied to them that absorbs energy when exposed to light to create a brilliant glow in the dark effect when the lights go out. Fabulous.

If glow in the dark isn’t your style then how about a pair of boxer shorts that react to your natural body heat? The Diesel DC Comics Flash Boxer Trunks feature the Flash comic character who comes to life when you warm up. These boxer shorts are also made from a cotton and elastane mix to provide both comfort and support.

All the DC Comics range from Diesel come in bright boxes, making them ideal to give as a gift. They are also limited addition so buy yours today.

30 March 2012

The Colour of Spring/Summer 2012

Wow - this lovely weather and the lighter evenings can mean only one thing – it’s officially Spring! With spring comes new styles and new colours, and when it comes to clothing design and the men’s underwear arena it's no different. We’ve already identified one key colour trend for underwear for men this spring and it’s bright, eye-catching turquoise.

Having scoured a number of online men’s designer underwear websites, we can see turquoise throughout their recent boxer shorts and men’s brief collections. Here are just a few of the turquoise styles we’ve come across:

The designer brand Joe Snyder have a dazzling pair of boxer shorts in their latest collection. The Joe Snyder Launch Boxer has been specially designed to offer extra support and enhance the look of your private parts while the bright turquoise colour will make a bold style statement. These boxer shorts are available to buy from online store BodyExposed.co.uk.

Figleaves, who are renowned for their underwear collections, have also added turquoise to their spring offering. The Real Colour Two Pack features two pairs of classically styled boxer shorts which both incorporate bright turquoise. The first pair are plain turquoise and have contrasting black piping detail. The second pair included in the pack combine wide turquoise stripes with black ones for a modern yet fashionable look.

The designer brand Nils Bohner which is available to buy at Dead Good Undies online store has combined the latest colour trend with their mini pant collection to create the Light Blue Nils Bohner Mini Pant. These uniquely styled men’s underwear blends the line between men’s briefs and boxer shorts to create the mini pant which has the comfort of boxer shorts but the support of briefs. The light blue (we think its more turquoise) is a fabulous shade for the coming spring and summer.

We’ve found plenty more online men’s underwear stores with designer brands featuring the bold turquoise colour scheme so why not invest in a pair today to brighten up your underwear collection.

29 March 2012

3 Key Mens Underwear Styles

When it comes to men’s underwear, there are three key styles which are most popular with men today. In this week’s blog we’ll give you a little insight into what these three styles are so you can choose which will be best for you, and your lifestyle.

The first style of men’s underwear is men’s briefs. Briefs are quite traditional in style and can be identified by the simple elastic waistband which usually sits on the waist itself. They generally have a Y design, so can sometimes be referred to as Y-fronts, and offer good support for everything ‘downstairs’.
Within the men’s brief style are three sub-styles and these relate to exactly where the waistband is. In ‘full-cut’ briefs, the elastic sits at the waist and the briefs will offer full bottom coverage. ‘Low-rise’ briefs generally sit about three inches below the waist, making them ideal for wearing under low rise trousers and jeans. The final style is ‘mid-rise’ which generally sit about two inches below the waist.
A number of designer brands offer men’s briefs including Dolce and Gabbana, Sloggi and Calvin Klein.

Boxer Shorts
The second style, and probably the most popular style of men’s underwear worn today are boxer shorts. Boxer shorts are typically the loosest style of underwear for men and offer most coverage with the boxer shorts extending part way down the thigh and offering full bottom coverage.
Although they offer good coverage, they offer very little support and are not ideal for physical activities such as sports or going to the gym. There is more choice in boxer shorts designs than there are in briefs with a wide choice of plain and patterned styles. The designer men’s underwear brand Calvin Klein offer a great range of both plain and patterned styles and are available from a wide range of online stores.

The third popular men’s underwear style today are trunks. These are generally a variation on boxer shorts and offer a tighter fit and shorter legs offering less coverage but a little more support.
Again there are a number of designer underwear brands who offer trunks including Calvin Klein Underwear and Jockey which are widely available in all mens underwear online stores.

10 February 2012

Our Valentine’s Day Gift Buying Guide

Yes it’s that time of year again folks, Valentine’s Day – the time of year when everyone goes crazy for love and what better way to show it than with men’s designer underwear. However there are a number of things to watch out for when buying underwear for men, especially for Valentine’s Day so we’ve put together this handy gift buying guide.

1. Don’t Opt For Tacky
Although you may be faced with gimmicky boxer shorts featuring bold pink or red hearts on a black background (probably in some cheap faux satin finish), please don’t buy them for a loved one. You’re likely to find that the recipient will smile politely and wear them for the day, before banishing them to back of the underwear drawer never to be seen again. Instead opt for something a little more sophisticated such as FGL Slogan Hot Stuff Trunks available online at Figleaves. These trunk style boxer shorts feature bold pink trim for a hint of romance and have the slogan ‘hot stuff’ embellished across one leg. Although they’ve been designed for Valentine’s Day, these boxer shorts are likely to be worn throughout the year due to their superior styling.

2. Do Buy Designer
Although designer men’s underwear is a little pricier than the boxer shorts you find on the high street, it is well worth the money. Not only will the recipient be more appreciative of a designer label but they’ll also be able to enjoy them for longer due to the higher quality finish. You can never go wrong with timeless designer brands such as Calvin Klein Underwear, Ralph Lauren and Jockey. If you’re looking for something a little funky but still classic, why not try the Calvin Klein Neon Tag Trunk in White (with romantic pink trim) from Men’s Designer Clothes Online or the Calvin Klein Prostretch Fun Pride Trunk Boxer Shorts in Black (with rainbow striped waistband) from Whites and Smalls.

3. Do Get Money Off
Many men’s underwear websites offer discounts to encourage sales in the run up to Valentine’s Day so keep an eye out for promotional codes and price reductions...

01 February 2012

What We’re Looking Forward to in 2012

With the joys of Christmas and the New Year well and truly behind us now, it’s time we look ahead to the future and in particular to what 2012 will hold for us in terms of men’s designer underwear. Here’s what we’re looking forward to seeing in the year ahead…

More Stylish Shape Wear
Shape wear was a key factor in the styles of many designer mens underwear brands in 2011 but to be honest we’re still a little disappointed by the lack of inspired designs. We understand that shape wear has to be functional, holding in all those podgy bits and smoothing any lumps and bumps but come on guys, a splash of colour or a hint of pattern wouldn’t go amiss in the coming year. After all, not everyone wants to have the limited choice of black, white or nude.

More Patterns
We loved the inspired pattern designs from the likes of Luis and Juke and Calvin Klein underwear last year but this year we’re still hoping for more from these and other designer men’s underwear brands. We’d like to see more floral prints including everything from dainty designs through to 60s flower power and even Hawaiian prints would be great to see and we think these will be perfect for the coming spring season.

Revival of Colour
We know that designer brands will also have to cater for everyone’s taste and we understand this means producing more conventional boxer shorts in traditional black and white but we’re looking forward to seeing colour this coming year too. We’re hoping for a revival of retro colour combinations such as bright orange teamed with purple, moss green with pastel pink and those 70s browns and beiges would be great to see too.

So there you have it designer brands. We’ve thrown down the gauntlet of what we would like to see. Can you come up with the goods in the months ahead?

11 January 2012

Staying Fit and Healthy in 2012

December is a month of indulgences. We stuff ourselves silly with roast turkey dinners, left-over turkey sandwiches, mince pies, Christmas cake, Christmas pudding, chocolate and an array of alcoholic beverages. In light of all these calorific treats, it’s hardly surprising that the majority of the nation vow to go on a diet and get fit and healthy in the New Year.

January is the month where gym membership subscriptions soar, people leave their houses to jog or cycle, enrol in team sports or just get a little more active in general. It is also the month where the sales of sports equipment also rises from home-gym equipment to new trainers. But often overlooked when people tog themselves up with Lycra shorts, moisture wicking t-shirts and air-sprung trainers is the fact that their underwear may be doing nothing to keep their private parts healthy and protected. This is where the need for sports underwear comes in.

A number of designer men’s underwear brands have launched lines of specialist sports underwear. Among them is infamous men’s underwear brand Calvin Klein who offer a range of underwear which is designed to support you. Their Pro Stretch collection for example, is made from light, breathable microfiber which quickly dries to keep you comfortable while you exercise.

Famous sports brand Nike has a number of sports specific men’s underwear ranges available too. Amongst them is the Compression Active Shorts which have been designed to hold everything in place during exercise whilst using Dri-FIT fabric technology to absorb moisture.

Banglads have a great range of sporty jockstraps for sale from Andrew Christian and Rufskin. Dolce and Gabbana also have a range of sports underwear available which includes the Double Band Active Regular Boxer Shorts. These boxer shorts are lightly ribbed and partially padded to protect you during an array of activities. The elasticated double waistband helps to alleviate ‘slip down’ to keep your boxer shorts in place whilst you exercise.

So if your New Year’s resolution involves any type of exercise regime, we suggest you invest in some sports underwear to get you on the right track.