11 January 2012

Staying Fit and Healthy in 2012

December is a month of indulgences. We stuff ourselves silly with roast turkey dinners, left-over turkey sandwiches, mince pies, Christmas cake, Christmas pudding, chocolate and an array of alcoholic beverages. In light of all these calorific treats, it’s hardly surprising that the majority of the nation vow to go on a diet and get fit and healthy in the New Year.

January is the month where gym membership subscriptions soar, people leave their houses to jog or cycle, enrol in team sports or just get a little more active in general. It is also the month where the sales of sports equipment also rises from home-gym equipment to new trainers. But often overlooked when people tog themselves up with Lycra shorts, moisture wicking t-shirts and air-sprung trainers is the fact that their underwear may be doing nothing to keep their private parts healthy and protected. This is where the need for sports underwear comes in.

A number of designer men’s underwear brands have launched lines of specialist sports underwear. Among them is infamous men’s underwear brand Calvin Klein who offer a range of underwear which is designed to support you. Their Pro Stretch collection for example, is made from light, breathable microfiber which quickly dries to keep you comfortable while you exercise.

Famous sports brand Nike has a number of sports specific men’s underwear ranges available too. Amongst them is the Compression Active Shorts which have been designed to hold everything in place during exercise whilst using Dri-FIT fabric technology to absorb moisture.

Banglads have a great range of sporty jockstraps for sale from Andrew Christian and Rufskin. Dolce and Gabbana also have a range of sports underwear available which includes the Double Band Active Regular Boxer Shorts. These boxer shorts are lightly ribbed and partially padded to protect you during an array of activities. The elasticated double waistband helps to alleviate ‘slip down’ to keep your boxer shorts in place whilst you exercise.

So if your New Year’s resolution involves any type of exercise regime, we suggest you invest in some sports underwear to get you on the right track.

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