01 February 2012

What We’re Looking Forward to in 2012

With the joys of Christmas and the New Year well and truly behind us now, it’s time we look ahead to the future and in particular to what 2012 will hold for us in terms of men’s designer underwear. Here’s what we’re looking forward to seeing in the year ahead…

More Stylish Shape Wear
Shape wear was a key factor in the styles of many designer mens underwear brands in 2011 but to be honest we’re still a little disappointed by the lack of inspired designs. We understand that shape wear has to be functional, holding in all those podgy bits and smoothing any lumps and bumps but come on guys, a splash of colour or a hint of pattern wouldn’t go amiss in the coming year. After all, not everyone wants to have the limited choice of black, white or nude.

More Patterns
We loved the inspired pattern designs from the likes of Luis and Juke and Calvin Klein underwear last year but this year we’re still hoping for more from these and other designer men’s underwear brands. We’d like to see more floral prints including everything from dainty designs through to 60s flower power and even Hawaiian prints would be great to see and we think these will be perfect for the coming spring season.

Revival of Colour
We know that designer brands will also have to cater for everyone’s taste and we understand this means producing more conventional boxer shorts in traditional black and white but we’re looking forward to seeing colour this coming year too. We’re hoping for a revival of retro colour combinations such as bright orange teamed with purple, moss green with pastel pink and those 70s browns and beiges would be great to see too.

So there you have it designer brands. We’ve thrown down the gauntlet of what we would like to see. Can you come up with the goods in the months ahead?

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