29 March 2012

3 Key Mens Underwear Styles

When it comes to men’s underwear, there are three key styles which are most popular with men today. In this week’s blog we’ll give you a little insight into what these three styles are so you can choose which will be best for you, and your lifestyle.

The first style of men’s underwear is men’s briefs. Briefs are quite traditional in style and can be identified by the simple elastic waistband which usually sits on the waist itself. They generally have a Y design, so can sometimes be referred to as Y-fronts, and offer good support for everything ‘downstairs’.
Within the men’s brief style are three sub-styles and these relate to exactly where the waistband is. In ‘full-cut’ briefs, the elastic sits at the waist and the briefs will offer full bottom coverage. ‘Low-rise’ briefs generally sit about three inches below the waist, making them ideal for wearing under low rise trousers and jeans. The final style is ‘mid-rise’ which generally sit about two inches below the waist.
A number of designer brands offer men’s briefs including Dolce and Gabbana, Sloggi and Calvin Klein.

Boxer Shorts
The second style, and probably the most popular style of men’s underwear worn today are boxer shorts. Boxer shorts are typically the loosest style of underwear for men and offer most coverage with the boxer shorts extending part way down the thigh and offering full bottom coverage.
Although they offer good coverage, they offer very little support and are not ideal for physical activities such as sports or going to the gym. There is more choice in boxer shorts designs than there are in briefs with a wide choice of plain and patterned styles. The designer men’s underwear brand Calvin Klein offer a great range of both plain and patterned styles and are available from a wide range of online stores.

The third popular men’s underwear style today are trunks. These are generally a variation on boxer shorts and offer a tighter fit and shorter legs offering less coverage but a little more support.
Again there are a number of designer underwear brands who offer trunks including Calvin Klein Underwear and Jockey which are widely available in all mens underwear online stores.

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