30 March 2012

The Colour of Spring/Summer 2012

Wow - this lovely weather and the lighter evenings can mean only one thing – it’s officially Spring! With spring comes new styles and new colours, and when it comes to clothing design and the men’s underwear arena it's no different. We’ve already identified one key colour trend for underwear for men this spring and it’s bright, eye-catching turquoise.

Having scoured a number of online men’s designer underwear websites, we can see turquoise throughout their recent boxer shorts and men’s brief collections. Here are just a few of the turquoise styles we’ve come across:

The designer brand Joe Snyder have a dazzling pair of boxer shorts in their latest collection. The Joe Snyder Launch Boxer has been specially designed to offer extra support and enhance the look of your private parts while the bright turquoise colour will make a bold style statement. These boxer shorts are available to buy from online store BodyExposed.co.uk.

Figleaves, who are renowned for their underwear collections, have also added turquoise to their spring offering. The Real Colour Two Pack features two pairs of classically styled boxer shorts which both incorporate bright turquoise. The first pair are plain turquoise and have contrasting black piping detail. The second pair included in the pack combine wide turquoise stripes with black ones for a modern yet fashionable look.

The designer brand Nils Bohner which is available to buy at Dead Good Undies online store has combined the latest colour trend with their mini pant collection to create the Light Blue Nils Bohner Mini Pant. These uniquely styled men’s underwear blends the line between men’s briefs and boxer shorts to create the mini pant which has the comfort of boxer shorts but the support of briefs. The light blue (we think its more turquoise) is a fabulous shade for the coming spring and summer.

We’ve found plenty more online men’s underwear stores with designer brands featuring the bold turquoise colour scheme so why not invest in a pair today to brighten up your underwear collection.

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