29 May 2012

New Eye-Catching Designs From Pikante

Men’s underwear brand Pikante are renowned for their daring cuts and breath-taking styles but they’ve now also launched some underwear for men with heart-stopping designs too – all available from online men’s underwear shop Dead Good Undies.

Pikante’s designs are inspired by South American influences and this season they’ve gone all out to ensure that their men’s underwear designs will get noticed. Here are just a few designs that caught our eye:
Pikante Mike Atomic Brief – these men’s briefs have a traditional cut and fit but have been made from a blend of polyester and viscose to make them cool and comfortable for the summer. We love the hippy tie-dye effect in bright orange, terracotta, vivid purple and lilac – a great way to tie into this season’s must have colour trends.
If you prefer boxer shorts, take a look at the Pikante Disco 45 Boxer Briefs (pictured above). These tight fitting boxer shorts feature a more retro feel with an elaborate pattern incorporating vinyl records and numbers in bold colours such as blue, orange, green, purple and black. The wide waistband ensures a comfortable fit and includes the eye-catching Pikante logo in the centre to convey the designer nature of the boxer shorts.
Or why not take a look at the Pikante Kinky Camouflage Boxer Briefs. With a vibrant camouflage print in bright pink, pastel pink, white and a hint of smoky grey, these boxer shorts will ensure you do everything except blend in. They are finished with a matching smoky grey waistband with subtle Pikante branding.
The final pair of boxer shorts that caught our eye were the Pikante Anaconda Boxer Briefs. These striking pants reflect the wildness of the jungle and feature a golden yellow and brown snake skin pattern. The contrasting white waistband gives these boxer shorts a modern, edgy vibe.

08 May 2012

Mens Underwear That Tells a Story

For centuries people have been adorned with tattoos. Although today this is mainly for cosmetic reasons with people choosing whatever images they like, for many cultures tattoos are part of their history and say something about their heritage. Take the Maori’s of New Zealand for example, their facial tattoos, known as moko, depict their rank in the tribe, their genealogy and even their occupation. In other cultures, tattoos depict their warrior status or even tell a story.

Well now men’s designer underwear can tell a story too thanks to the new Tattoo Ink range by Calvin Klein. New for spring/summer 2012, the range includes a number of different styles of men’s underwear and will make a great addition to any underwear drawer.

A number of boxer shorts from Calvin Klein’s Tattoo Ink collection can be bought online from Banglads.com. Amongst our favourites are the Calvin Klein CK One Tattoo Ink Japanese Koi Trunks. This trunk style pair of boxer shorts has been adorned with a dynamic wave background in a combination of blue and white shades with just a hint of black. In the foreground are abstract koi fish in a bold shade of orange to complete the look.

Also in the Tattoo Ink collection are the Calvin Klein CK One Tattoo Ink Japanese Snake Trunks. These trunks are a little more understated than the previous pair and feature a black background which has been embellished with a blue and orange toned snake motif wrapped around the back. They are completed by a matching orange waistband featuring the iconic Calvin Klein underwear motif.

The final pair of boxer shorts in the collection at Banglads are the Calvin Klein CK One Tattoo Ink Japanese Retro Trunks. These feature a combination of popular tattoo images such as a key, feather, three dimensional diamond and star, along with Calvin Klein branding.

All the designs for the Calvin Klein Tattoo Ink collection have been done by tattoo artist Alex McWatt.