28 November 2012

A Brief Comeback

If someone were to mention ‘men’s briefs’ to you, you might instantly conjure up images of off-white Y fronts hanging on your grandparent’s washing line, maybe even slightly misshapen and stretched. However mention ‘men’s briefs’ to someone in the fashion industry today and they’ll tell you about them being the latest, cutting edge style for fashion-conscious men everywhere, especially in relation to the designer men’s underwear industry. So what’s happened? Well briefs have made a comeback and are now at the forefront of fashion.

To understand why men’s briefs are back in style, it’s important to understand how they came about in the first place. The traditional briefs started being worn during the war years around the early 1940s. This was firstly because they were cost-effective to make with less material being needed than for long johns or boxer shorts. But the real clue to their comeback is in the second reason they were first introduced, they offered a greater level of support and comfort than the alternatives of the day. It is this support and comfort that has led to their renewed lease of life.

With more men looking to keep fit and stay healthy through exercise, whether at the gym, pounding the pavements or on the sport’s field, the need for support as well as comfort has become important. Thankfully the main designer men’s underwear brands have not compromised on style when it’s come to the new brief designs. Just as boxer shorts and trunks had become a fashionable accessory for men, briefs are too. Brands such as Calvin Klein have released colourful and eye-catching designs which will make just as much of a fashion statement as their trunk counterparts.

To see a few of the latest men’s briefs designs from top designer underwear brand Calvin Klein, visit the Whites and Smalls website where you will be able to see everything from floral designs to boom-box prints and bold colours.

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