11 November 2013

Brights to Battle the Winter Blues

It’s very easy to get stuck in a rut during winter. Even crawling out from underneath your duvet can feel like an effort and in fact getting dressed is more a trial than a treat. It’s so easy to be gloomy and moan but that’ll get you nowhere. In fact, the Designer Underwear Blogger is convinced some bright, splashes of colour could truly make you feel like a new man, even on the coldest and iciest of days.
Below are three bright boxer options which could be exactly what you need to beat off the blues.

Bjorn Borg

Our favourite store Whites and Smalls stock a wide range of Bjorn Borg product but we’ve opted to show offer these super bright short shorts as they will really inject a sense of summer into the coldest winter months.  The ‘Get it on’ pattern is bright, vibrant and the fit is close and extra short – without compromising comfort. These designer boxer shorts are finished off with a bold Bjorn Borg branded waistband.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein offer a wide range of patterned boxer shorts in addition to their usual classic block coloured shorts. We’ve chosen these Chinese floral patterned boxer shorts because although they’re bright and floral, the cooler shades keep them feeling a little wintry. They’re fitting for the season whilst also offering a splash of colour into your day.


2xist have chosen stripes for their seasonal foray into pattern. The simple thin stripes of their stripe boxers allow for the colours to blend well together. What’s more the bright pinks and oranges give the boxers a warm feel and once again make those winter days seem a little less bracing.
Adding a blast of colour to your winter wardrobe, even if it’s under your suit and shirt you’ll feel better for it. Sometimes half the problem with wintertime is our mind set so take this chance to set yours straight!

07 October 2013

Zimmerli – Purveyors of Excellence

In the designer underwear industry there are many different types of brands battling for different parts of the market. Then there are brands that simply don’t need to. Zimmerli is one of the latter group. They deliver excellence and quality which doesn’t to be argued with and they’re a brand that never fails to offer the highest quality of product to their loyal customer base.

History of Zimmerli

A Swiss brand with roots that date back to 1871 Zimmerli of Switzerland guarantee ‘the world’s finest underwear’ and on their own website state that they consider this statement an obligation. They are dedicated to the hand production of all their products and utilise natural fibres to produce a standard of quality and comfort that never disappoints.
Every pair of Zimmerli boxer shorts or briefs is unique and provides unparalleled comfort and sophistication. One of our favourite stores has also recently started stocking Zimmerli products in black as well as white – giving customers even more choice.

Zimmerli Business Class in Black

Now available are both boxers and briefs from the Zimmerli Business Class in black. Both the open brief and trunks are 100% cotton, finely ribbed and mercerised. They feature a degree of stretch to ensure optimal fitting and the design has been developed to impede the formation of odour and they meet international ecology standard 100.

Zimmerli Royal Classic in Black

Zimmerli Royal Classic underwear has been synonymous with excellent and luxury since it was first developed in 1964. It’s a product designed for the gentleman who enjoys the feel of designer quality and appreciates the handmade nature of the product. Comfort and class are key to the overall appearance and feel of this product.
Zimmerli of Switzerland is a luxury designer men’s underwear brand that never fails to offer the highest standards of quality. Enjoy a range of their products at Whites and Smalls at competitive prices.

05 September 2013

New from 2(x)ist

There are plenty of brands out there who we think are fantastic. We trawl our way through hundreds of mens designer underwear listing to look for the latest products but this month we’re all over the newest lines from 2(x)ist. They’re a brand we’re very familiar with and have always had a soft spot for and their latest lines are looking good.

History of 2(x)ist

2(x)ist sit firmly in the centre of the mens designer underwear industry. Their cutting edge and contoured designs are a huge hit with customers worldwide and they offer superior comfort and forward thinking design. They fit around you and have been doing so since 1991. They’re iconic and this is true of their latest lines too.

Chevron No Show Brief

This brand new 2(x)ist brief combines the latest technologies, fabric and design to offer premium comfort and functionality. These low rise briefs utilise 2(x)ist’s signature Soft-Fle(x) cotton and combines this with a bright splash of colour to help them stand out. The pouch area has been contoured specifically for maximum enhancement and the logo is bold and clear across the waistband. Guys who like their briefs to fit well and look great need look no further.

Chevron No Show Boxers

These designer boxer shorts are a little brighter than the briefs they match. In a bright sunburst orange combined with shades of blue for the chevrons, these 2(x)ist Chevron No Show Trunks are ideal for boxer shorts wearers who like a bit of definition. Like the briefs they utilise Soft-fle(x) and the pouch again has been contoured for enhancement purposes. They’re also designed with a sporty square cut to give them the sporty fit to match their design.

2(x)ist are preparing their collection for Autumn/Winter 2013 and the range has some choice numbers like those above which are worth checking out for all men concerned with fashion and design.

07 August 2013

The Designer Underwear Blogger is Back

After a few months silence the Designer Underwear Blogger is back bringing you all the latest news and trends in design men’s underwear.
From briefs to boxers and beyond you can be sure that we’ll be bringing you the latest news and trends in the men’s designer underwear market. Whether you’re looking for a treat for your significant other or simply need to clean out that underwear drawer – you can definitely use the advice of the Designer Men’s Underwear Blogger.

Designer Men’s Underwear 2013

Things have changed a lot since our last post in February and there are some exciting new trends you won’t want to miss.


Popular for years the hipster brief is making a comeback. They sit low on the waist and are increasingly popular as a suggestive alternative to your usual brief shapes.

Mini Briefs

Mini briefs are designed to show off your body to the max. They’re designed to have your hits on show and are perfect for showing off the V-shaped contours which head below the waistband.
These are just two popular choices that could be perfect for flattering your natural shape and showing off your best bits.

Designer Mens’ Underwear Brands

Our favourite brands are still performing well and there are some fantastic prints and patterns for the more flamboyant guys out there. Classic block colours are still available too and in fact, if you’re going designer there’s something for everybody.
Whether you’re a briefs or boxers guy there are designer offerings which will meet your needs and over the coming week’s we’ll be offering up the most trendy and fashionable men’s underwear designs out there.

Keep your eye on our blog for promotional codes, product reviews and much more in the coming months. The Designer Underwear Blogger is back and we’re here to stay!

06 February 2013

Celebrate your successes...

With January having drawn to a close, it’s time to reflect on the success of one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions – the diet. Whether you’ve been counting calories, eliminating carbs, or eating cabbage soup for the past few weeks you should now be able to see a vast difference in your physique. Although you’ll be pleased with the ‘new you’, you might find that your boxer shorts are starting to look a little out of place on your body. Saggy bottoms and gaping leg holes are never a good look so make your new figure the reason for a whole new designer men’s underwear collection. Here are the styles that are perfect for flattering your new figure for the coming season.

A Toned Derriere
If you have lost weight around your bottom and toned up since the New Year, you will want to show it off in your new designer men’s underwear. Although a thong might be the perfect way to do this, they are hardly comfortable for everyday wear so might we suggest a pair of boxer trunks instead. A flat panel of colour is the most flattering so opt for something classic like a black pair of Calvin Klein trunks which will see you throughout this season and many ahead. For something a little more exciting, choose one of spring’s in-trend colours such as bright yellow or pillar box red.

A Flat Stomach
If you stomach is looking leaner than before Christmas, it’s time to show it off and the way to do this to draw attention away from your underwear and onto your stomach. Men’s briefs are the perfect way to do this. Opt for a timeless style in white from the likes of Jockey underwear for men or Sloggi.

Sleeker Legs
Slimmer, sleeker legs are often a result of diets and a change in exercise regime. However lean legs are not too flattering if your stomach and bottom are still a little larger in size. The most flattering men’s designer underwear style to help balance your body out is a pair of boxer shorts. Patterned styles help to hide bulky bottoms but avoid vertical lines as these can actually accentuate the lankiness of your legs, compounding the look. Instead look for something super trendy such as a bold and colourful Hawaiian print.

By choosing a designer men’s underwear style that flatters your new shape, you’ll get the confidence boost you deserve for all your hard work. 

03 January 2013

What to Buy in the January Sales

With Christmas and New Year now behind us, the January sales are in full swing both online and on the high street. Now is the time to get greatly reduced designer men’s underwear but how do you know if what you are buying will look totally out-dated by the time spring comes?

Well thanks to us, you can buy designer men’s underwear that will see you safely through the spring and summer months by following these top tips:

Tip #1: Colour
The January sales provide retailers with the perfect opportunity to move stock for the winter season that hasn’t sold. Unfortunately for us, most of the designer men’s underwear colours will be wrong for the coming season however there are some colours which will seemingly take you right through to next autumn. The hot colours for spring are going to be yellow and green to reflect the shooting plants. Luckily green was a key colour for winter and Christmas so by investing in men’s underwear in these colours, you’ll stay on trend. For summer 2013, the hot colours are going to be bright red and white. As red was also a festive colour and white is a staple colour, you should be able to create the look during the sales.

Tip #2: Pattern
Designer men’s underwear styles for spring/summer 2013 include heavy patterns with Bermuda and Hawaiian prints being key. These looks may be harder to replicate from the January sale line up but keep your eyes peeled for either of these looks. As they were introduced last summer, some stock might still be on sale this January.

As there are limited style options for design men’s underwear: boxer shorts, trunks and men’s briefs, you can buy any of these styles and know that they won’t go out of trend too quickly. However if you really want to follow the spring/summer look then boxer shorts are the way to go when shopping in the January Sales. By following these tips, you will have the opportunity to grab yourself a great bargain whilst looking hot this spring.