03 January 2013

What to Buy in the January Sales

With Christmas and New Year now behind us, the January sales are in full swing both online and on the high street. Now is the time to get greatly reduced designer men’s underwear but how do you know if what you are buying will look totally out-dated by the time spring comes?

Well thanks to us, you can buy designer men’s underwear that will see you safely through the spring and summer months by following these top tips:

Tip #1: Colour
The January sales provide retailers with the perfect opportunity to move stock for the winter season that hasn’t sold. Unfortunately for us, most of the designer men’s underwear colours will be wrong for the coming season however there are some colours which will seemingly take you right through to next autumn. The hot colours for spring are going to be yellow and green to reflect the shooting plants. Luckily green was a key colour for winter and Christmas so by investing in men’s underwear in these colours, you’ll stay on trend. For summer 2013, the hot colours are going to be bright red and white. As red was also a festive colour and white is a staple colour, you should be able to create the look during the sales.

Tip #2: Pattern
Designer men’s underwear styles for spring/summer 2013 include heavy patterns with Bermuda and Hawaiian prints being key. These looks may be harder to replicate from the January sale line up but keep your eyes peeled for either of these looks. As they were introduced last summer, some stock might still be on sale this January.

As there are limited style options for design men’s underwear: boxer shorts, trunks and men’s briefs, you can buy any of these styles and know that they won’t go out of trend too quickly. However if you really want to follow the spring/summer look then boxer shorts are the way to go when shopping in the January Sales. By following these tips, you will have the opportunity to grab yourself a great bargain whilst looking hot this spring.