06 February 2013

Celebrate your successes...

With January having drawn to a close, it’s time to reflect on the success of one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions – the diet. Whether you’ve been counting calories, eliminating carbs, or eating cabbage soup for the past few weeks you should now be able to see a vast difference in your physique. Although you’ll be pleased with the ‘new you’, you might find that your boxer shorts are starting to look a little out of place on your body. Saggy bottoms and gaping leg holes are never a good look so make your new figure the reason for a whole new designer men’s underwear collection. Here are the styles that are perfect for flattering your new figure for the coming season.

A Toned Derriere
If you have lost weight around your bottom and toned up since the New Year, you will want to show it off in your new designer men’s underwear. Although a thong might be the perfect way to do this, they are hardly comfortable for everyday wear so might we suggest a pair of boxer trunks instead. A flat panel of colour is the most flattering so opt for something classic like a black pair of Calvin Klein trunks which will see you throughout this season and many ahead. For something a little more exciting, choose one of spring’s in-trend colours such as bright yellow or pillar box red.

A Flat Stomach
If you stomach is looking leaner than before Christmas, it’s time to show it off and the way to do this to draw attention away from your underwear and onto your stomach. Men’s briefs are the perfect way to do this. Opt for a timeless style in white from the likes of Jockey underwear for men or Sloggi.

Sleeker Legs
Slimmer, sleeker legs are often a result of diets and a change in exercise regime. However lean legs are not too flattering if your stomach and bottom are still a little larger in size. The most flattering men’s designer underwear style to help balance your body out is a pair of boxer shorts. Patterned styles help to hide bulky bottoms but avoid vertical lines as these can actually accentuate the lankiness of your legs, compounding the look. Instead look for something super trendy such as a bold and colourful Hawaiian print.

By choosing a designer men’s underwear style that flatters your new shape, you’ll get the confidence boost you deserve for all your hard work.