07 October 2013

Zimmerli – Purveyors of Excellence

In the designer underwear industry there are many different types of brands battling for different parts of the market. Then there are brands that simply don’t need to. Zimmerli is one of the latter group. They deliver excellence and quality which doesn’t to be argued with and they’re a brand that never fails to offer the highest quality of product to their loyal customer base.

History of Zimmerli

A Swiss brand with roots that date back to 1871 Zimmerli of Switzerland guarantee ‘the world’s finest underwear’ and on their own website state that they consider this statement an obligation. They are dedicated to the hand production of all their products and utilise natural fibres to produce a standard of quality and comfort that never disappoints.
Every pair of Zimmerli boxer shorts or briefs is unique and provides unparalleled comfort and sophistication. One of our favourite stores has also recently started stocking Zimmerli products in black as well as white – giving customers even more choice.

Zimmerli Business Class in Black

Now available are both boxers and briefs from the Zimmerli Business Class in black. Both the open brief and trunks are 100% cotton, finely ribbed and mercerised. They feature a degree of stretch to ensure optimal fitting and the design has been developed to impede the formation of odour and they meet international ecology standard 100.

Zimmerli Royal Classic in Black

Zimmerli Royal Classic underwear has been synonymous with excellent and luxury since it was first developed in 1964. It’s a product designed for the gentleman who enjoys the feel of designer quality and appreciates the handmade nature of the product. Comfort and class are key to the overall appearance and feel of this product.
Zimmerli of Switzerland is a luxury designer men’s underwear brand that never fails to offer the highest standards of quality. Enjoy a range of their products at Whites and Smalls at competitive prices.

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